The Brain Body Link: What I Learned About Migraines Today

brain body link

Your body’s physiological activity is orchestrated by a small gland buried deep inside your brain. The hypothalamus is the Chief Executive Officer of your endocrine system. It is the master gland, keeping track of everything that is happening inside your body and mind, and determining whether any changes are needed. Like any good executive, the hypothalamus doesn’t … Read more

Sodium Potassium Balance: What I Learned About Migraines Today

sodium potassium balance

A healthy diet could be making you sick. I know, it seems backwards. How could a nutrient-rich diet loaded with delicious fruits and vegetables be bad for you? It shouldn’t be, except for one small detail that gets overlooked: most healthy diets don’t contain enough salt. Fruits and vegetables are high in potassium along with a whole … Read more

Testing New Migraine Drugs: What I Learned About Migraines Today

new migraine drugs

Genetic research is starting to yield real results that can help migraineurs. A new drug, called Erenumab, is one of the early contenders. Erenumab is a medication designed to block the Calcitonin-Gene-Related-Peptide (CGRP) receptor, which is believed to play a role in migraines. This drug is currently being tested in placebo-controlled, double-blind medical trials. Clinical tests are showing positive … Read more

An Easy Remedy for Depression: What I Learned About Migraines Today

easy remedy for depression

Depression and migraines go hand-in-hand. It’s not surprising, really. Suffering a unpredictable, uncontrollable disease is depressing. Living in pain is depressing. The notion that you may have to live this way forever is beyond depressing. But depression is more than just being sad. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. You can’t just turn … Read more

Exercise Alternatives for Migraine: What I Learned About Migraines Today

exercise alternatives for migraine

You need to get some exercise, but migraine doesn’t let you. On a good day, you do the best you can to stay active, but you don’t want to push yourself too hard and end up with a migraine. Exercising doesn’t seem like a good plan when you’re doing so well. On a bad day you … Read more

Testosterone Induced Migraines: What I Learned About Migraines Today

testosterone induced migraines

Last night I had an opportunity to discuss migraines with a gentleman who has suffered with this disease for over 50 years! He is lucky by some standards. For most of his life he has averaged two migraines a year. He was diagnosed with classical migraine with aura at age 14. He has used medications to prevent … Read more

Change is Good: What I Learned About Migraines Today

change is good

Migraines are so unpredictable, it is a real relief when you finally achieve some kind of stability. It’s far better to limit yourself and stay pain free than to live in constant fear of the next migraine attack. But it’s a mixed blessing. On one hand, it’s great to finally feel like you have some kind of control … Read more

Toxic Beauty: What I Learned About Migraines Today

toxic beauty products

Would you willingly take a small dose of neurotoxin every single day? Unfortunately, you probably are already, without even knowing it. Toxins are abundant in the beauty products you may be using daily. The chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products include skin irritants, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, and carcinogens. The personal care industry is poorly regulated in the U.S., and … Read more

Vitamin D and Chronic Pain: What I Learned About Migraines Today

vitamin D and chronic pain

Do you ever feel like you ache right down to your bones? Maybe this feeling isn’t just metaphorical. It is entirely possible that your bones are actually causing you pain. I’ve been reading the Power of Vitamin D by Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi. Part of the book focuses on how vitamin D deficiency can cause chronic pain. How Vitamin … Read more