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Guest Posting Guidelines

If you are interested in writing for the Real Migraine Cure, please contact me first using the form above. To give you an idea of my expectations, here are the basic guidelines for guest posting:

  1. My goal is to help readers to work towards their own personalized migraine cure using nutrition, herbal remedies, and lifestyle changes. I will not publish anything that advocates long-term medical treatment, particularly use of pharmaceuticals. While I feel there is a place for physicians and medications in migraine treatment, success for my reader is the eventual elimination of both from their lives.
  2. Since everyone’s migraines are different, I am particularly interested in articles that focus on practical diagnostic techniques and what kind of remedies they indicate. Articles that migraineurs can use to better understand their own health are most welcome.
  3. Articles should be original (written by you), unique (not published elsewhere), well-written (correct grammar and spelling), and compassionate (it’s about the reader, not the writer). I reserve the right to edit articles, and will give you a chance to approve any copy edits before publication. If your article needs too much editing to meet my requirements, it will probably be rejected.
  4. For SEO purposes, the article should be at least 500 words; longer articles are better. You can designate a target keyword phrase for your article, and include links/images as long as they are not spammy. If you do not have a header image for your article, I will provide one.
  5. Please include a brief personal statement, photograph, and a link to your website for inclusion in your bio.
  6. My preferred method of submission is via Google Docs. If you set up your article on Google Docs, share the file with editing privileges to the email address I will provide when you contact me. Do not send me PDFs or Word docs. We can collaborate on any edits until the final version is complete. I will then copy the article out of the Google doc for posting on the site.
  7. When your article is published, please share on your social networks and make yourself available to respond to any user comments. I will do the same.
Thanks again for your interest in writing for my blog and I look forward to reading your article!