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Migraine Research Groups

The Migraine Trust

Migraine Research Foundation

National Headache Foundation

American Council for Headache Education (ACHE)

MAGNUM: The Migraine Awareness Group

Migraineurs on the Web

Nancy Bonk – My Migraine and Headache Blog

James Cottrill – Headache and Migraine News

Paula K. Dumas – Migraine Again

Anna Eidt – Migraine Brainstorm

Janet Geddis – The Migraine Girl

Lisa Jacobsen – The Daily Migraine

Teri Robert – Putting Our Heads Together

Jamie Sanders – The Migraine Diva

Victoria Saxton – Migraine Monologues

Kerrie Smyres – The Daily Headache

Michelle Tracy – Mygraine – Adventures of a Migraine Warrior

Jamie Valendy – Chronic Migraine Warrior

Migraine Information

Migraine Clues – Clues and tips for taking control of migraine and living as full a life as possible despite migraine.

Migraine Survival – Promoting awareness of migraine and its associated conditions

Causes of Migraine Headaches by Sue Dyson

Migraine Weapons

Migraine Buddy – migraine journal app

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